My aims at present.

July 17th, 2011

The following is a very brief proposal expressing my main ideas as a basis for discussion and expansion. Put simply the idea is to provide quality learning opportunities in the English language for the people of post revolutionary Libya. Also:

  • To establish a not-for-profit charitable organization with the aim of providing English language provision for the new free Libya.
  • To provide class- based as well as eventually, online lessons, free to those who can not afford it. All kinds of English can be delivered including all examinations according to demand.
  • To have a resource base for teachers and students within the provision (a room, books and computers)
  • To support Libyan teachers of English in areas of need eg., pronunciation, syntax, communicative pedagogy and so on. This can be undertaken using the internet – webinars, teacher room and the englishwithjohn website could easily be expanded for this purpose.
  • To recruit and train Libyan teachers to teach English in the project.This is important.
  • To raise money in the UK to finance this project, via a concert, sponsorship and similar activities.

Project to start after Ramadan – location to be decided. Coordination with any relevant agency/organization such as Libya Outreach Group, Libya Relief, Libya alhurratv and the National Transitional Council.

The First Post!

July 17th, 2011

Hi my friends. This is my first entry. I am currently teaching in the UK for peanuts but at least it’s some money for a probable trip to tunisia, to a camp for those who are threatened by Ghaddafi. The idea is to start teaching English and when the time is right to go to Libya to start a project of educational opportunities for those who need English but can’t afford school prices.