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In the modern world you have to do all you can to get ahead and take advantage of the opportunities. The best way is to learn ENGLISH. The courses and articles here are for you - to help you get the most from the chances that come your way

Personalised English Grammar´╗┐ Course

Are you struggling with English grammar?

Having excellent English grammar gives you confidence, gets you noticed, increases your job prospects and improves your chances of promotion.

Rapidly improve your English grammar with a choice of over 300 different grammar lessons. This one-to-one course with John lets you take only the lessons you need but covers all levels and all topics

English with John

The English Grammar Course

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John Edmond
John Edmond

About John

I'm a native English teacher from the UK and have been teaching overseas since 2010. I have extensive experience teaching IELTS, business English and general English. I can help you get the level you need in the fastest possible time.

I'm originally from Yorkshire in England, and before I became a teacher spent many years in insurance and finance and a number of years running my own business. 

I really like the price and quality of the lessons, as well as John's professionalism and flexibility."

"In the short time I've been learning with John I have significantly improved my speaking skills, and as a result my confidence in communication in general.

I like classes you can do any time you like, with a learning program that is much better then Skype

I would highly recommend John as a teacher for my friends"

Maya Kuramshina

John Doe UI/UX Designer

The main features that makes his lessons attractive for learners are creativity and flexibility

"I have known John as a teacher for a group and as a personal teacher. The main features that makes his lessons attractive for learners are his creativity and flexibility.

He always listens to what a student requires and is ready to meet them. He is able to teach very demanding and curious people with vast experiences in different industries.

Anna Smirnova

Account Development Executive at Dow Jones

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