Business Language Services

Based in the UK but covering North Africa, BLS offers companies all types of language training from General English to  English for Special Purposes (for example, for doctors or Telecoms’ engineers who need specialised language). In addition, BLS can provide Exam Preparation Courses (for people who need to pass exams like IELTS, TOEFL), to Business Courses for people who need to learn the language of work. This covers, dealing with customers, meetings, presentations, negotiations, writing, telephoning and so forth

Business courses for beginners can cover the real basics:

In addition to what you would learn in a General Course, you would also learn how to talk about your job, how to answer the phone/make phone calls/send emails/introduce yourself  in a professional way, as well as learn about social English


For intermediate students, you may learn formal letterwriting skills, presentations skills, practise negotiating, and how to conduct an entire meeting in your target language.

More advanced students may wish to improve fluency, extend grammatical proficiency.

Our company tailors language provision to your needs. A needs analysis of what is required and feasible is our starting point. Once this is completed and all are in agreement, courses will be devised and implemented. The outcomes of the course or courses will be evaluated or measured to ensure that the original language objectives are achieved.  How all this is done will be discussed to the satisfaction of your company.


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